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What are the two most abundant gases in the atmosphere?
a) nitrogen and oxygen
b) carbon dioxide and air
c) oxygen and carbon dioxide
d) oxygen and nitrous oxide

The ozone layer is in the stratosphere. What does it absorb?
a) ultrviolet radiation
b) pollution
c) visible light
d) carbon dioxide

Which layer of the atmosphere contains weather?
a) troposphere
b) ionosphere
c) thermosphere
d) mesosphere

What is the atmosphere?
a) layer of gases
b) the ozone layer
c) layer containing weather
d) layer of clouds

Why is the atmosphere important?
a) it provide needed gases
b) it is dense
c) it provides energy
d) it is transparent

According to scientists, what causes global emissions of carbon dioxide to rise?
a) burning (combustion) of fossil fuels
b) producing hydroelectricity
c) threat of severe weather
d) glaciers melting

Why is it important for scientists to study climate change?
a) so humans can change activities to regulate climate
b) so people can dress appropriately
c) so humans can move to nicer climates
d) to predict sever weather

How do trees and other plants affect carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere?
a) trees and other plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen
b) trees and other plants need sunlight to grow
c) trees and other plants need water to grow
d) trees and other plants take in oxygen and produce carbon dioxide

What happens when global levels of carbon dioxide rise?
a) global warming
b) oxygen levels drop
c) temperatures fall
d) severe weather

What is a natural cause of global warming?
a) volcanoes
b) glaciers melting
c) acid rain
d) burning (combustion) of fossil fuels

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