Endocrine System Question Preview (ID: 88)

A Brief Overview Of The Endocrine System.

The endocrine system is responsible for:
a) movement of the body.
b) controlling long-term processes such as growth and sexual development.
c) removing wastes from the body.
d) protecting the vital organs from being crushed.

A group of cells that make special chemicals in your body is called:
a) a goiter.
b) a cerebellum.
c) a cortex.
d) a gland.

Insulin is produced in the:
a) pituitary gland.
b) adrenal gland.
c) pancreas.
d) parathyroid gland.

Which hormone allows you to respond to a frightening situation?
a) adrenaline.
b) insulin.
c) human growth hormone.
d) saliva.

This gland is also called the "master gland":
a) thyroid gland.
b) pituitary gland.
c) thymus gland.
d) ovaries.

Chemicals produced by endocrine glands are called:
a) enzymes.
b) saliva.
c) hormones.
d) syrup.

What gland regulates calcium levels in the blood?
a) parathyroid.
b) pancreas.
c) lymph node.
d) adrenal glands.

The hormone that speeds up your heartbeat and breathing rate is called:
a) insulin.
b) epinephrine.
c) thyroxine.
d) saliva.

This gland plays a role in regulating the immune system:
a) thyroid gland.
b) pituitary gland.
c) adrenal gland.
d) thymus gland.

The ________ and the _______ produce hormones that are involved in reproduction.
a) adrenal, thyroid
b) testes, nasal
c) ovaries, pancreas
d) ovaries, testes

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