Western Europe Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 8796)

Sections 4 And 5.[print questions]

The Nazis came to power, led by __________________, in 1933 in Germany.
a) Benito Mussolini
b) Adolf Hitler
c) Joseph Stalin
d) Francisco Franco

The Alpine countries include:
a) France, Norwat, and Liechtenstein
b) Austria, Norway, and Liechtenstein
c) France, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein
d) Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein

The Scandiavian Peninsula consists of:
a) Sweden and Norway
b) Finland and Denmark
c) Sweden and Finland
d) Finland and Norway

What type of government does Iceland have?
a) communist state
b) direct democracy
c) monarchy
d) republic

I was a powerful German state in the Holy Roman Empire.
a) Russia
b) Denmark
c) Prussia
d) Sweden

I am a political system based on a strong central government led by a dictator.
a) fascism
b) parliamentary demoracy
c) constutional monarchy
d) Reconquista

I investigate complaints against the government.
a) coalition
b) Ombudsman
c) reconquista
d) fascism

I am one of a group of people living in Sweden's far north.
a) Moors
b) Vikings
c) Basque
d) Sami

I was the barrier that divided a city in half.
a) Byzantine Empire
b) Ombudsman
c) Berlin Wall
d) German Empire

What geographical characteristic most clearly defines the Alpine countries?
a) the coastline
b) the Alps
c) the foothills
d) the piedmont

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