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When can you borrow a book?
a) at the end of each lesson
b) at the end of the day
c) during the break
d) Only on Fridays during the break

How many pages does the book Manolito Gafotas by Elvira Lindo have?
a) 173
b) 137
c) 273
d) 237

Find this book and answer. Who wrote Ivanhoe?
a) Fedor Dostoyevski
b) Charles Dickens
c) Walter Scott
d) Émile Zola

Find the biography section of the library and answer this question. Whose biography is not in our catalogue?
a) Ramon y Cajal’s
b) Martin Luther King’s
c) Alexandre Dumas’
d) Marie Curie

How long can you borrow a book for?
a) a week
b) only a fortnight
c) a fortnight but you can renew it
d) five days

Where is the glossary in Atlas Universal Santillana?
a) On the first pages.
b) After the maps.
c) On the last four pages.
d) There is not a glossary.

What is there in the book La Luz en la Pintura?
a) A long account of contemporary art.
b) Paintings, their names and their authors.
c) Pictures.
d) Pictures and drawing techniques.

How many books entitled Zoología are there in the library?
a) Four
b) Two
c) None
d) Three

Which colour are the spines of the Burlington books for 1º E.S.O.?
a) orange
b) purple
c) green
d) blue

Find the book Roger de Hurillac. According to the cover, which of your school subjects has to do with the story?
a) Social Studies
b) Music
c) Maths
d) Biology

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