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A salt is
a) slippery
b) turns cabbage juice red
c) an ionic compound formed from the positive ion of a base and the negative ion of an acid
d) increases the number of hydrogen ions

A base is
a) 0-2
b) 3-6
c) 7
d) 8-14

A neutral is
a) 7
b) 14
c) 0
d) 0-5

The ph scale is
a) 0-14
b) 0-10
c) 0-100
d) 0-7

When combined an acid and a base
a) produce a super chemical
b) produce a salt and water
c) produce a biochemical
d) produce bread

A base is a compound that
a) decreases the number of hydroxide ions
b) tastes sour
c) increases the number of hydroxide ions
d) keeps the number of hydroxide ions the same

An acid is a compound that
a) increases the number of hydrogen ions
b) feels slippery
c) makes proteins
d) decreases the number of hydrogen ions

Acids will react with
a) negative ions
b) another acid
c) metals and produce a hydrogen gas
d) organic compounds

Covalent compounds
a) dissolve in water
b) are attracted because one atom is positive and the other is negative
c) share electrons
d) make a repeating pattern

You can find acids in
a) soap
b) oven cleaners
c) ammonia
d) Sour Patch Kids

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