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Made of wool or cotton to cover your feet.
a) gloves
b) handkerchief
c) scarf
d) socks

You wear them in your hands when it's cold
a) skirt
b) gloves
c) socks
d) shoes

A synonym of trousers
a) shirt
b) gloves
c) skirt
d) pants

How do you call the overall you wear when it's raining?
a) gloves
b) pants
c) raincoat
d) scarf

What do you wear around your neck in winter?
a) Scarf
b) Pullover
c) Coat
d) Gloves

Which one is not a piece of underwear?
a) knickers
b) panties
c) bra
d) waistcoat

Which one is not a winter garment?
a) sweater
b) scarf
c) coat
d) shorts

You wear these on your fingers
a) ring
b) necklace
c) bracelet
d) earrings

Model usually wear them on the catwalk
a) boots
b) sandals
c) high heels
d) trainers

You use it to hold your trousers
a) shorts
b) socks
c) belt
d) bra

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