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Nearly all carbohydrates come from plant sources.
a) True
b) False
c) Not the Answer
d) Not the Answer

Which group in MyPyramid is the best source of foods high in starch?
a) The grains group.
b) The fruit group
c) The meat and beans group
d) The milk group

What happens to a person's blood glucose level after eating?
a) It rises
b) It falls
c) It is not affected
d) It rises or falls depending on gender

What form must all carbohydrates be in for cells to use them as an energy source?
a) Fructose
b) Glucose
c) Glycogen
d) Insulin

Research has indicated that diets high in fiber may reduce the risk of ____.
a) colon cancer
b) heart and artery disease
c) hemorrhoids
d) All of the above

Which carbohydrate provides the most bulk to the diet?
a) Fiber
b) Fructose
c) Lactose
d) Sucrose

Meg decided to follow a very high protein diet to lose weight. She was avoiding nearly all carbohydrate foods. What health condition is she most at risk of developing?
a) Diabetes mellitus
b) Starvation
c) Lactose Intolerent
d) Ketosis

Which of the following foods is not a good source of dietary fiber?
a) Apple
b) Popcorn
c) Lentils
d) Chicken

Why are carbohydrates the body's preferred source of energy?
a) They are inexpensive to buy
b) They spare fats
c) They can be used efficiently as fuel
d) They are plentiful in the diet

A diet that includes too little carbohydrate prevents the body from using proteins to build and maintain cell structures.
a) True
b) False
c) Not the Answer
d) Not the Answer

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