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Who is the protagonist of Under The Blood-Red Sun?
a) Billy Davis
b) Tomi Nakaji
c) Rico Corteles
d) Keet Wilson

Who is the antagonist of Under the Blood-Red Sun?
a) Billy Davis
b) Tomi Nakaji
c) Rico Corteles
d) Keet Wilson

What is the complete setting of UTBRS?
a) Hawaii
b) 1941
c) Japan
d) Hawaii, 1941

Who is the author of UTBRS?
a) Kenneth Graeme
b) Walter Dean Myers
c) Graham Salisbury
d) Salisbury Steak

Why did Tomi tell Grandpa to take the Japanese flag down?
a) He thought it was ugly
b) He didn't want Billy to know he was Japanese-American
c) He was afraid that Keet Wilson would see him
d) He was afraid that they would get in trouble because some Americans did not trust Japanese people

Why did Keet stop wanting to play with Tomi when they were younger?
a) Because Tomi stole the rusty pocket knife he found in the jungle
b) He thought Tomi was boring
c) He did not trust Tomi because he was Japanese-American
d) He moved to the Haole school, Punahao

Why does Tomi care so much about Papa's pigeons?
a) He loves birds and wants to be a Veterinarian
b) The birds are important to Papa and Tomi wants Papa to be happy
c) He needs them for his school science project
d) He does not care about them, he just wants Keet to stop fighting with him

Rico got his scar because he was trying to protect his cousin Esther. What does this tell us about Rico?
a) He likes violence and scars.
b) He is a good fighter and can easily protect others.
c) He cares about his family and friends and will put himself in danger to save them.
d) He hates the

Mr. Ramos decided to stop being a lawyer to become a teacher. Based on that, which of the following would he most likely say?
a) "I love defending innocent people in court."
b) "I don't understand why my brother robbed that store!"
c) "It's much easier to be a teacher than a lawyer."
d) "I want to be a positive role model for young men."

Why was Billy so worried about the shots fired at the USS Greer?
a) Because he was worried that America would have to go to war with Germany
b) Because he hates violence
c) Because he did not want to be dead by the age of 21, like Keet said they would be
d) Because that would mean he would have to go to a different school

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