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The asteroid impact responsible for dinosaur extinction occurred approximately:
a) 66 million years ago
b) 1 billion years ago
c) 4 thousand years ago
d) 100 million years ago

The most abundant element on Earth is:
a) silicon
b) water
c) aluminum
d) oxygen

All matter in the universe is composed of:
a) molecules
b) atoms
c) minerals
d) substances

Which of the following is NOT a basic component of an atom?
a) electron
b) neutron
c) proton
d) positron

Earth's atmosphere is different from other planets because:
a) it contains abundant nitrogen
b) it contains abundant oxygen
c) it contains abundant water vapor
d) all of these

Geologic processes that resulted in the formation of continents and ocean basins:
a) were only active during Earth's early history
b) are still active today
c) cannot be observed by scientists
d) are a myth

Which of the following is a class of rocks?
a) sedimentary rocks
b) igneous rocks
c) metamorphic rocks
d) all of these are classes of rocks

The process whereby rocks are changed to sediment is called:
a) deposition
b) weathering
c) compaction
d) solidification

Metamorphic rocks are formed by:
a) weathering
b) heat and pressure
c) volcanoes
d) earthquakes

Sedimentary rocks provide clues about Earth surface condition when the sediment was formed.
a) True
b) False
c) sometimes
d) only when you can do the hokey-pokey blindfolded.

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