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What activitiy builds your endurance?
a) jogging for a mile
b) cleaning your room
c) chinups
d) eating a hotdog

We can measure your abdominal strength when you
a) measure or you waist.
b) do as many situps a possible in a minute
c) stand straight
d) lift weights

When you are bendable you are...
a) stiff
b) thin
c) flexibile
d) out of breath

When you swim very fast 2 laps of a pool...
a) your heart will speed up.
b) your heart will be slow.
c) your eyes will get big.
d) your legs will be dry.

When you check your pulse you are feeling for...
a) your temperature
b) the number of times your muscles twitch
c) your heart beat
d) your breathing

We measured your arm strength when you did ...
a) threw a ball.
b) a flexed arm hang.
c) every day.
d) between pushing and pulling

Agility when you quickly change the direction you are moving. What measures agility?
a) The shuttle run
b) shooting baskets
c) hopping
d) taking short steps

You are physically fit when
a) you are tired and need rests.
b) your can play.
c) you can sleep.
d) you have enough energy to work and play all day.

To be flexibile throughout life you need to be able to...
a) read in French.
b) stand on one foot.
c) touch your toes.
d) eat Captain Crunch

To be Physically Fit we must eat nutritious food and exercise...
a) at night.
b) 30 minutes each day.
c) between snacks
d) once a week.

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