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These people make or grow things to sell.
a) producers
b) consumers
c) factory
d) free enterprise

I can earn this when I walk my neighbor's dog.
a) vacation
b) income
c) transportation
d) economy

This is the place where apples are turned into juice and wax is turned into crayons.
a) kitchen
b) outside
c) income
d) factory

Our country has this which allows anyone to start any kind of business they want.
a) income
b) consumer
c) free enterprise
d) president

When you buy things you are a __________.
a) producer
b) saving
c) bank
d) consumer

This is how we get goods from place to place.
a) transportation
b) income
c) factory
d) producer

What raw materials might you need to make desk?
a) wool
b) apples
c) wood
d) wax

A baker is a producer when he bakes bread. How is he also a consumer?
a) When he buys the ingredients to make the bread
b) When he pays his workers
c) When he saves his money in the bank
d) When he sells the donuts, too

Do teachers provide goods or services?
a) services
b) goods

Which is something you DO NOT normally do with your income?
a) save
b) spend
c) share
d) wrap presents

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