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Anything owned by a person or group
a) Property
b) Goods
c) Merchandise
d) House

The destructive results of something harmful
a) Erosion
b) Property
c) Surge
d) Damages

able or ready to be obtained or used
a) Available
b) Ready
c) Damages
d) Aware

to touch or join together
a) Repel
b) Combust
c) Contact
d) Center

Gases that surround the Earth
a) Atmosphere
b) Sky
c) Environment
d) Area

A severe tropical storm
a) Tornado
b) Blizzard
c) Hurricane
d) Earthquake

Great damage or ruin
a) Hurricane
b) Destruction
c) Disaster
d) Property

A large wave during a storm
a) Hurricane
b) Tornado
c) Atmosphere
d) Surge

A writing technique in which the writer gives human charactistics to non- human thing
a) Onomatopoeia
b) Imagery
c) Similie
d) Personification

The use of words that sound like what they are describing
a) Onomatopoeia
b) Personification
c) Similie
d) Metaphor

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