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The ground bordering a river
a) Riverbank
b) Tundra
c) Beach
d) Shoe

Goods for sale
a) Goods
b) Sales
c) Wares
d) Words

A person who keeps track of money coming in or going out of a business
a) Secretary
b) Owner
c) Treasurer
d) President

To train or teach
a) Launch
b) Advise
c) Teacher
d) Educate

Goods or things that are bought and sold
a) Merchandise
b) Burdens
c) Supplies
d) Measures

Things that are carried
a) Supplies
b) Burdens
c) Secrets
d) Riverbank

Gratitude or thanks
a) Compliments
b) Insults
c) Teacher
d) Appreciation

unlucky or regrettable
a) Wares
b) Regret
c) Unfortunate
d) Appreciation

shows relationship between pairs of words
a) Analogy
b) Synonym
c) Antecedent
d) Antonym

type of figurative languge that compares two things without using "like" or "as"
a) Similie
b) Antonym
c) Metaphor
d) Analogy

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