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The passing of traits from parents to offspring is
a) probability.
b) heredity.
c) recessive.
d) meiosis.

When pollen from one flower or plant can fertilize the eggs of the same flower or the eggs of another flower on the same plant, it is said to be
a) cross-pollinating.
b) self-pollinating.
c) first-generation.
d) second-generation.

Bacteria reproduce through an asexual process called
a) mitosis.
b) cytokinesis.
c) meiosis.
d) binary fission.

Probability is
a) always expressed as a ratio.
b) a 50% chance that an event will occur.
c) the mathematical chance that an event will occur.
d) a 3:1 chance that an event will occur.

The trait that always appears is called the
a) recessive trait
b) lower-case trait
c) dominant trait
d) hexegonal trait

A recessive allele is shown by using a _________________ letter.
a) capital
b) lower-case
c) itallicized
d) bold

Another name for sex cells such as egg and sperm are called __________________.
a) somatic sells.
b) body cells.
c) germ/gamete cells.
d) blood cells.

The sex cell of a woman is called a (an)
a) somatic cell.
b) egg cell.
c) body cell.
d) sperm cell.

Which sex (male or female) determines the sex of a baby?
a) female
c) male

Males have ______________ and females have _________________.
a) only one Y chromosome (Y)
b) one Y and one X chromosome (YX)
c) two X chromosomes (XX)
d) only one x chromosome (X)

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