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What is Asthma?
a) A kind of car.
b) A disease of the lungs.
c) The name of a state.
d) a dog.

How does asthma affect your body?
a) It makes you strong.
b) It makes you grow really tall.
c) It makes it harder for you to breathe.
d) It makes you run really fast.

How do you know if you are having breathing problems?
a) You feel great!
b) You start coughing and wheezing.
c) You start whistling.
d) You start singing.

What can be asthma "triggers"?
a) Jello
b) toys
c) Dust, smoke, pets, pollen
d) your T.V.

How can kids "test" their breathing to see how they are doing?
a) peak flow meter
b) blow through a straw
c) sing a song
d) blow up a balloon

What can kids use when they are having an asthma attack?
a) rescue inhaler
b) glass of orange juice
c) gummy vitamins
d) toothbrush

What do you need with your inhaler to get the most medicine?
a) a fan.
b) a spacer.
c) a water hose.
d) a bag.

How can you avoid "triggers" of Asthma
a) drink more koolaid.
b) live underground.
c) sleep outside.
d) keep you room clean and free of dust and keep pets out of your room.

What does having Asthma mean as far as having fun?
a) You cant play outside.
b) you can only play videogames.
c) you cant do any sports.
d) You can still do everything your friends do.

Whats the most important thing if you have Asthma?
a) to stay inside.
b) to stay away from doctors.
c) to have a good asthma plan.
d) to live in a bubble.

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