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Name one common report that businesses prepare on a regular basis.
a) Assets
b) Proit-and-Loss
c) Brokers
d) Value

They help people save money for retirement, children's college education and other financial needs.
a) Service planners
b) Income planners
c) Financial planners
d) Insurance planners

What does a balance sheet measure as of a certain date, usually the date that the report is prepared.
a) Value
b) Balance
c) Financial
d) Net

These built-in business features in MS Excel can be used to create a new workbook.
a) assets
b) income
c) templates
d) totals

These people help others when they want to buy and sell stocks and bonds.
a) equity
b) Insurance
c) services
d) brokers

In a balance sheet, these must equal the sum of liabilities and owner's net worth.
a) assets
b) expenses
c) equity
d) income

This handle is used to copy a value or formula into adjacent cells
a) hidden
b) bar
c) fill
d) autofilter

The type of cell reference which automatically adjusts when you copy it is called a
a) dollar reference
b) absolute reference
c) fill reference
d) relative reference

This is a predefined formula in Excel that performs a specific, built-in operation.
a) function
b) argument
c) syntax
d) autofilter

This refers to the structure of functions.
a) absolute
b) argument
c) syntax
d) template

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