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How many bones are in an adult body?
a) 225
b) 206
c) 235
d) 176

What type of tissue is used for protection?
a) epithelial
b) muscle
c) nervous
d) connective

What body system is responsible for delivering all materials throughout the body?
a) digestive system
b) circulatory system
c) excretory system
d) nervous system

A group of tissues working together make up a
a) cell
b) organ
c) organ system
d) tissu

Cartilage is a type of __________ tissue
a) connective
b) muscle
c) epithelial
d) nervous

Bones are a type of ________ tissue
a) connective
b) muscle
c) epithelial
d) nervous

The bone that connects the humerus to the ribs is the
a) scapula
b) sternum
c) femur
d) tibia

The shin bone is also known as the
a) fibula
b) femur
c) humerus
d) tibia

Which tissue would you expect to have the most mitochondria
a) muscle
b) epithelial
c) nervous
d) connective

The body's ability to maintain internal conditions despite external conditions is called
a) homozygous
b) homeostasis
c) static
d) stress

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