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Work occurs when
a) something moves
b) something moves in the direction of the force
c) something moves against the direction of the force
d) something stays still

Which of the following does NOT demonstrates work?
a) Carrying a backpack to class
b) Lifting your books off a desk
c) Pushing a cart through a store
d) Pulling a suitcase through the airport

What is the formula used to calculate work?
a) distance divided by time
b) joules multiplied by watts
c) force multiplied by distance
d) force added to force

The newton-meter is the unit used to describe force. What is its synonym?
a) watt
b) newton
c) joule
d) power

Cmdr. Data used 2 N of force to lift his cat, Spot, 1.5 meters from the floor to his sofa. How much work did he do?
a) 3 joules
b) .75 joules
c) 30 joules
d) No joules because no work was actually being completed.

The rate at which work is done is known as
a) time
b) power
c) joules
d) newton-meters

The formula for power is
a) force multiplied by distance
b) time divided by work
c) joules multiplied by time
d) work divided by time

Power is measured by joules per second. What is a synonym for this measurement?
a) joule
b) ampere
c) watt
d) meter/second

How much power is used if it takes Lt. Cmdr. Worf 10 seconds to complete 35 joules of work?
a) 350 watts
b) 45 watts
c) 25 watts
d) 3.5 watts

Kirk and Spock race to move identical boxes the same distance. Spock finishes first. How can this happen?
a) Spock is a Vulcan, and he tricked Kirk.
b) Kirk used less time than Spock.
c) Spock used more power than Kirk.
d) Kirk has more power than Spock.

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