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Acceleration refers to
a) a change in speed only
b) a change in velocity only
c) a change in either speed or velocity
d) a change in distance traveled

The SI units used in measuring acceleration are
a) m/sec
b) m/sec/sec
c) km/hr/sec
d) miles/hr/sec

Which of the following is an example of acceleration?
a) a plane taking off
b) a car coming to a stop
c) a leaf falling to the ground
d) all of the above

If a cheetah begins to run at 3 m/sec and increases its speed to 12 m/sec in 4 sec, what is its acceleration?
a) 4 m/s/s
b) 9 m/s/s
c) 15 m/s/s
d) 36 m/s/s

Which of the following describes negative acceleration?
a) speeding up
b) slowing down
c) moving at a constant rate
d) not moving at all

How would you describe our acceleration on the planet Earth?
a) positive acceleration
b) negative acceleration
c) centripetal acceleration
d) zero acceleration

Which of the following demonstrates centripetal acceleration?
a) a car driving down a winding road
b) the turning blades of a windmill
c) a bird flying over the Earth's surface
d) a cat jumping over a fence

What is a synonym for "deceleration"?
a) positive acceleration
b) zero acceleration
c) negative acceleration
d) constant acceleration

If it takes a leaf 2 seconds to hit the ground after falling from a tree at a velocity of 17 m/sec, what was the leaf's acceleration?
a) 34 m/s/s
b) 24 m/ss
c) 17 m/s/s
d) 8.5 m/s/s

The faster the velocity changes, the _____________ the acceleration.
a) greater
b) less
c) more constant
d) slower

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