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Genes are found on
a) chromosomes.
b) anthers.
c) proteins.
d) alleles.

How many chromosomes does a normal human sex cell have
a) 12
b) 48
c) 23
d) 46

An organism\'s apperance is known as its
a) heredity.
b) pedigree.
c) phenotype.
d) genotype.

____ used plants to study the way traits are passed from parents to offspring.
a) Mendell
b) Allele
c) Sutton
d) Punnett

The trait that seems to recede or hide in the background is a
a) capital trait
b) hexegonal trait
c) dominant trait
d) recessive trait

The process that produces sex cells is called
a) photosynthesis.
b) mitosis.
c) probability.
d) meiosis.

If you cross a white flower (with the genotype pp) with a purple flower (with the genotype PP), the possible genotypes of the offspring are
a) PP and pp.
b) all pp.
c) all PP.
d) all Pp.

The chromosomes in each pair of chromosomes are called
a) homologous chromosomes.
b) heterogeneous chromosomes.
c) homogenous chromosomes.
d) homeomorphic chromosomes.

Two forms of the same gene are known as
a) chromosomes.
b) alleles.
c) sex cells.
d) genotypes.

If you cross two rabbits that have the genotype Bb, how many possible genotypes can be found in the offspring?
a) one
b) four
c) three
d) two

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