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Theories Of Personality Review Questions Part 2.[print questions]

What is an independent variable?
a) the other variable or variables that are involved in the experiment that are dependent on the result
b) none of these choices
c) the concept or idea that is being measured in an experiment.
d) the variable that staying independent.

What is a dependent variable?
a) the other variable or variables that are involved in the experiment that are dependent on the result
b) none of these.
c) the variable that stays the same.
d) the concept or idea that is being measured.

Sublimation is when:
a) none of these choices.
b) a person watches ice turn into gas.
c) a person changes a socially deviant behavior into a behavior that is socially acceptable.
d) a person can recall subliminal messages that they have seen or heard.

When a person uses displacement as a defense mechanism they:
a) misplace their car keys.
b) take an emotion and bury it in their consciousness.
c) move something with their mind.
d) take out their frustrations on a object or weaker person because they can\'t do that to the source.

A cardinal trait is a trait that:
a) is not really important.
b) is a core trait that is used in describe a person\'s personality.
c) a red bird.
d) is a subtrait that describe some of person\'s personality.

Projection is when
a) another person yells and throws things at people because they had a bad day.
b) a person fails to acknowledge that they are anxious and ignores others.
c) a person assigns their own emotions to another person to keep from feel anxious.
d) a oerson throws a piece of trash into the garbage.

What is a self fulfilling prophecy in regards to an experiment?
a) a belief that many possiblities are present in one experiment.
b) none of these choices.
c) when the researcher creates results that they think will happen consciously or unconsciously.
d) the researcher believes that one thing and one thing only will happen in an experiment.

What is a schema?
a) an idea.
b) a scheme you are plotting.
c) A set of assumptions that are false.
d) none of these.

What is a stereotype?
a) A set of assumptions about people in a given category that are based on non truths or half truths.
b) a way to tune your stereo correcty.
c) a way to correctly diagnose someone.
d) a set of assumptions based a true accounts of people in a sub group or culture.

What is a hypothesis?
a) A set of assumptions or prediction on the outcome of an experiment.
b) A way to organize information correctly.
c) A new fragrance from Calvin Klein.
d) none of these are correct.

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