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The Serengeti brings many tourists to Kenya and Tanzania to see the unique animals. This is an example of what?
a) apartheid
b) animism
c) imperialism
d) ecotourism

Europeans conquered land in Africa in order to make money on resources found there. This was an act of ___________.
a) animism
b) imperialism
c) ecotourism
d) genocide

The Hutu vs Tutsi war resulted in a _________.
a) genocide
b) colony
c) township
d) malaria

The genocide occurred in what African country?
a) Egypt
b) Rwanda
c) Kenya
d) Nigeria

During the __________ of South Africa, whites and blacks were not permitted to marry each other.
a) genocide
b) famine
c) apartheid
d) empire

Who is known for helping end apartheid?
a) Nelson Mandela
b) Adolf Hitler
c) Barack Obama
d) Martin Luther King Jr.

What climate region is found along the equator?
a) steppe
b) rain forest
c) desert
d) savanna

The tallest mountain in Africa is _____?
a) the Congo
b) Mt. Kilimanjaro
c) the Serengeti
d) the Sahara

The country located on the equator east of the rain forest is called ______?
a) Kenya
b) Rwanda
c) South Africa
d) Morocco

Lake Victoria is located within the ______.
a) Sahara Desert
b) Congo Rain Forest
c) Great Rift Valley
d) Sahel

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