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Messy or untidy; rumpled
a) mussed
b) reclining
c) gingerly
d) cascade

a) taut
b) riveted
c) drowsy
d) suppleness

Tightly drawn; tense
a) brooded
b) marveled
c) taut
d) plaited

Small piece of luggage
a) marveled
b) extravagant
c) riveted
d) valise

Looked at with wonder, admiration, or shock
a) marveled
b) brooded
c) gingerly
d) serenaded

Expressions of sympathy for a person who is suffering sorrow, misfortune or grief
a) renegades
b) mussed
c) condolences
d) cot

a) drowsy
b) marveled
c) suppleness
d) reclining

Fastened (the eye, attention, etc.) firmly to something
a) brooded
b) riveted
c) gingerly
d) mussed

Outlaws, rebels
a) valise
b) cascade
c) renegades
d) anticipated

Entertained with a vocal or instrumental performance
a) serenaded
b) marveled
c) taut
d) plaited

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