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Part 2 Of 4 Vocabulary From Esperanza Rising.[print questions]

Without or lacking
a) resentment
b) regal
c) bereft
d) forlorn

Threatening to cause evil, harm, or injury
a) menacing
b) capricious
c) dwindled
d) vapors

Expressions of sympathy for a person who is suffering sorrow, misfortune, or grief
a) shrine
b) accosting
c) despondent
d) condolences

Lonely and sad; unhappy and neglected
a) forlorn
b) optimism
c) jalopy
d) yearning

Tending to change abruptly without apparent reason
a) squalor
b) capricious
c) immunized
d) vapors

Structure or place blessed or devoted to some saint, holy person, or god, as an altar, chapel, church, or temple
a) bereft
b) regal
c) shrine
d) cot

Made smaller or less
a) dwindled
b) resentment
c) accosting
d) forlorn

Feeling of displeasure from a sense of being injured or offended
a) salvage
b) resentment
c) susceptible
d) menacing

Condition of filth and misery
a) regal
b) despondent
c) shrine
d) squalor

Unsatisfied desire
a) yearning
b) salvage
c) condolences
d) capricious

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