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The U.S. received the Philippines after winning the war with:
a) France
b) the Philippines
c) Spain
d) Japan

Colonial powers sought new territories for abundant supplies of raw materials and:
a) markets for their finished goods
b) great places to get tan
c) good locations to industrialize
d) innovative new imports to stimulate their own economies

King Mongkut was succussful at maintaining the independence of:
a) Thailand
b) Vietnam
c) Margaritaville
d) Burma

This meeting officially decided where in Africa colonial powers could claim territory
a) Divvy-up Convention
b) Berlin Conference
c) Concert of Europe
d) Congresss of Vienna

Benefits of British Rule in India included:
a) the introduction of better small-scale farming practices
b) a new transportation infrastructure
c) new transportation and communication infrastructures
d) a new communication infrastructure

Japan knew that if it did not ___________, it could not compete on the world stage.
a) modernize
b) establish a centralized government
c) make more automobiles and other finished exports
d) win control of the Pacific Ocean

The Indian National Congress was formed to:
a) demand full independence for India
b) organize efforts to sabotage British rule
c) decide foreign, not domestic policy in India
d) seek shared rule of India with British officials

If a country did not have colonies, many felt it could not be:
a) modern
b) fully civilized
c) great
d) cool enough, man.

The new japanese educational system placed heavy emphasis on:
a) art and history
b) history and science
c) technology and biology
d) science and technology

New, native intellectual classes in Southeast Asia, India and Africa liked ___ but hated arrogant and dominant foreign rule
a) Western advances
b) Western culture
c) Western food
d) Western dance

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