New Imperialism And Other Events: Section 2 Question Preview (ID: 8740)

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Germany got into the imperial race for colonies late, giving it only a few colonies in:
a) Southeast Asia
b) Latin America
c) Australia
d) Africa

The _______ made up the majority of the population in Mexico yet had little or no power or influence.
a) mestizos
b) peninsulares
c) native Indians
d) creoles

U.S. control of the Philippines allowed for:
a) the return of that territory to Spain
b) a great waypoint for trade with China
c) a hotspot for American industry
d) the creation of a tropical resort

Colonial rule of the natives of any given territory was almost universally:
a) prejudiced and arrogant
b) friendly and guiding
c) minimal and unimposing
d) a partnership between native and foreign rulers

Mohandas Ghandi would eventually
a) open a chain of popular rice curry restaurants
b) emerge as the only voice calling for Indian independence from Britain
c) rise as a fierce and violent leader of the later independence movement in India
d) lead a serious of peaceful protests to achieve Indian independence

Japan was officially recognized as great power roughly 50 years after it began to modernize, thanks to:
a) reforming its education system
b) defeating several other colonial powers in battles for more colonial territory
c) crushing Russia in the Russo-Japanese War
d) modernizing its industry and greatly increasing its exports

The internal combustion engine helped transform transportation by allowing for the invention of:
a) oil-fed ocean liners, planes and trains
b) planes, automobiles and oil-fed ocean liners
c) automobiles, trains and zeppelins
d) trolleys, like in San Franciso

Sir Raffles of _________ established the trading port of _________, kicking off the rapid colonializatio of almost all of Southeast Asia.
a) Germany, Singapore
b) Britain, Hong Kong
c) France, Indochina
d) Britain, Singapore

The Panama Canal, opened in 1914, allowed for passage between:
a) the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
b) the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans
c) the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea
d) Southern and Northern Panama

San Yun-Set led a rebellion to overthrow the:
a) Ming Dynasty
b) Qing Dynasty
c) Yuan Dynasty
d) Rambo Dynasty

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