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After a long struggle, Greece broke free from ______________________, in 1829.
a) Byzantine Empire
b) Roman Rule
c) Ottoman rule
d) Russian rule

What is considered to be the political and religious center of the Catholic Church?
a) the Vatican
b) Milan
c) The Hagia Sophia
d) Rome

Southern Spain was conquered by the________________in the early A.D. 700s.
a) Italians
b) Turks
c) Moors
d) French

Portugal profited from the gold, diamonds, and other resources taken from its and South American colonies.
a) North American
b) Russian
c) African
d) European

________________ is the worlds top tourist place.
a) Greece
b) Belgium
c) Italy
d) France

What is the official language of the Netherlands?
a) French
b) Dutch
c) English
d) German

How is France government like the United States?
a) They both have an executive, legislative, and judicial branch.
b) The president serves four years.
c) The Prime Minister takes care of daily operation.
d) They both are a republic.

All of the following are part of the Benelux counties except:
a) Luxembourg
b) Austria
c) Belgium
d) The Netherlands

Today, Portugal is considered to be the _______________ country in Western Europe.
a) poorest
b) wealthiest
c) strongest
d) greatest

Which of the following is a similarity of Northern and Southern Italy?
a) Both use tomato based sauce
b) Both use cream sauce
c) Both have mountains and coastlines
d) Both are big agricultural areas

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