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How long has that child been ____________ on the step?
a) sitting
b) setting
c) sit
d) sat

I have _______ here for an hour reading this book.
a) sat
b) sit
c) setting
d) set

You should ______ down for a short rest, Pat.
a) lain
b) laid
c) laying
d) lie

The other tools have ________ in the garage all week.
a) laying
b) lying
c) lie
d) lain

The rake is ________ on the grass in the rain.
a) lay
b) lie
c) lying
d) laying

Howie has ____________ the question of whether we need to buy a lantern.
a) rose
b) rise
c) raised
d) risen

The butterflies ___________ from the flowering bush before settling down again.
a) rise
b) rose
c) risen
d) rising

Has the bread __________?
a) rose
b) raised
c) risen
d) rising

The river ________ every spring.
a) raises
b) rises
c) raised
d) rise

We were supposed to _______ the forks next to the knives.
a) sit
b) sat
c) setting
d) set

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