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What is your User Name, when sigining into H-CAT?
a) Your student ID number
b) you can make up your own user name
c) Your first and last initials followed by your birth year
d) The same user name you need to sign into your portal

If you have never created an account in H-Cat, what link do you use to create an account?
a) Forgot your password?
b) Sign in
c) Harrison College
d) Continue

What classification system does the LRC use to shelve books?
a) LIbrary of Congress
b) Dewey Decimal
c) Sears
d) Accession order

Can you request to borrow books from other libraries?
a) Yes
b) Only twice a year
c) Only once a year
d) No

What is H-Cat?
a) Harrison Colleges OPAC (online public access catalog)
b) The name of the LRC webpages
c) The delivery system used by all of the LRCs
d) The school mascott

How can you tell if an item in H-Cat is owned by Harrison College?
a) Harrison College will appear in green font, within the item information
b) You can only find out by asking a librarian
c) You cannot tell if an item is owned by Harrison College, or not, when using H-Cat
d) You will need to click on the title link, to find out if Harrison owns that item

What are Research Guides, on the LRC Website?
a) Guides that are designed to help students find resources for specific areas of study
b) A place for students to store information on each of the resources they have used.
c) Search Engines
d) A place for students to check their papers for plagiarism

How can you find a list of all of the databases available through the LRC?
a) click on the All Databases tab
b) Search in H-Cat
c) Click on the Video Tutorials tab
d) click on the Handouts & Course Reserves tab

How can you find help with APA style, on the LRC website?
a) Click on the APA Style tab
b) By using Chat with a librarian
c) By using the Q&A section of the website
d) All three of the answers listed are correct

What kind of information will you find when you click on the Video Tutriasl tab of the LRC website?
a) Links to multiple videos, that were designed to help students learn about various topics
b) Information on how to make an online video
c) a list of the most popular DVDs available in the LRCs
d) tutorials on how to use microsoft office tools

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