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What has happened in the last 50 years that would make the carbon dioxide levels change?
a) increased burning of fossil fuels by people
b) continents have moved and altered the air
c) decreased levels of ozone are found in the upper atmosphere
d) people have planted millions of trees to replace ones lost to farms

During which time of year will the Earth usually have the lowest amounts of carbon dioxide?
a) Winter
b) Summer
c) Late Spring
d) Early Fall

Which of the following health problems would rise increase if the Earth lost the ozone layer?
a) skin cancer
b) broken bones
c) constant cough
d) diabetes

Which of the following is a good example of a carbon sink because it absorbs a lot of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere?
a) Rainforest
b) Clouds
c) Herd of Cattle
d) Small Pond

What about our Earth could change if there were no greenhouse gases?
a) Temperatures would decrease and the Earth would begin to freeze.
b) Temperatures would increase and the Earth would get too hot.
c) The Sun's radiation would no longer reach Earth's surface.
d) The ozone layer would grow and become much larger.

Which of the following is NOT a way that carbon gets back into the atmosphere?
a) Photosynthesis
b) Animal Respiration
c) Burning of Fossil Fuels
d) Volcanic Eruptions

Which of the following can change atmospheric nitrogen (N2) into a form of nitrogen usable by living things?
a) Nitrogen Fixation by bacteria in the soil.
b) Cellular Respiration by animals
c) Photosynthesis by plants
d) Condensation in Earth's lower atmosphere

What category in the United States usually has the most greenhouse gas emissions?
a) Transportation
b) Electricity Production
c) Agriculture, Forestry, and Waste
d) Industrial and Manufacturing

Which of the following is a major way that humans impact the amount of nitrogen in the soil?
a) Using too much ferilizer on their farms and gardens
b) Breathing nitrogen in from the atmosphere
c) Polluting rivers and streams
d) Exhaust from cars and other forms of transportation

Which of the following is helping humans reduce the amount of fossil fuels being burned?
a) Development of alternative energy sources like solar power and wind power.
b) People are planting more trees.
c) Most people do not drive gas-powered cars anymore.
d) People cannot find any more fossil fuels in the ground.

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