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Which of the following removes CO2 from the atmosphere?
a) Rainforests
b) Cars
c) Burning fossil fuels
d) Spraying aerosol cans

What does the ozone layer protect living things from?
a) The Sun's Ultraviolet (UV) Rays
b) Excessive Heat
c) Meteors
d) Bad Weather

What physical symptoms are associated with a reduction of ozone in the upper atmosphere?
a) Skin Cancer
b) Fever
c) Broken Legs
d) Constant Coughing

World leaders struggle to form a global policy concerning the release of greenhouse gases. What best describes the role science should play in forming public policy?
a) Scientific data should be used to inform public policy makers
b) Only scientific data should be considered when making public policy
c) Science has no role in the formation of public policy
d) Policy issues are not important enough to include science

What is the most likely effect of the increase in carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere?
a) warmer atmosphere
b) tropical rainforest destruction
c) ozone depletion
d) acid rain

Which substance is considered the main cause of the "ozone hole"?
a) chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)
b) carbon dioxide (CO2)
c) methane (CH4)
d) water vapor

Burning fossil fuels adds carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. If we continue to add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere at the current rate, how will this affect the carbon cycle?
a) The number of carbon atoms in the atmosphere will increase
b) The number of carbon atoms on Earth will increase
c) The carbon cycle will be unaffected
d) The number of carbon atoms in the atmosphere will decrease

In the carbon cycle, how does carbon enter living organisms?
a) Photosynthesis by plants
b) Humans burn coal
c) Respiration by animals
d) Decomposers release carbon dioxide

Why is the use of fossil fuels decreasing slightly?
a) Alternative sources of power, like hydroelectric power, are becoming more available and efficient.
b) Automobiles are using less gasoline because of the increasing price of oil.
c) Available fossil fuels in the earth are just about gone.
d) Global warming decreases our need to burn fuel for heat in cold weather.

What is the major reason that nitrogen is so important for living things?
a) DNA and proteins are made with nitrogen
b) Living things need nitrogen to breathe
c) Nitrogen can help plants grow better
d) Nitrogen is not important for living things

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