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What can a noun NOT be?
a) person
b) thing
c) place
d) action

Select which noun names more than one
a) swimmers
b) prize
c) team
d) winner

Which sentence has correctly combined naming parts?
a) Jessica took Levi to the pool.
b) Sheena is afraid she won\'t pass the test.
c) Kayla and Megan studied for the English test all night long.
d) Did the dog eat the entire bone?

Which word is spelled correctly?
a) wishs
b) dishes
c) watchs
d) beachs

Which noun has correctly changed spelling?
a) man to mans
b) man to manes
c) child to children
d) woman to womans

Which word is a special noun?
a) Bob
b) Bird
c) Cat
d) Dog

Which of the following sentences use a pronoun?
a) Cameron ate lunch quickly.
b) We will take the English test right after this.
c) Missy just fed the cat breakfast.
d) Jessica and Elizabth played all night.

Which sentence is written correctly?
a) Carl and I ran a race.
b) I and Tia like to swim.
c) I and Chen flew a kite.
d) Me and Amy jumped rope.

Where would the apostrophe go in the following sentence: I had to clean the two kittens box out today.
a) kitten's
b) two's
c) toda'y
d) kittens'

Which sentence has an exact noun in it?
a) You will see a bird at the pet show.
b) We saw a parrot talking to a cat today.
c) We had fish for lunch.
d) We also saw a dog and a fish at the pet show.

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