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What is an action someone does for another person or to another person?
a) A product
b) A need or want
c) A goal
d) A service

When something is tangible, durable & used, what is it characterizing?
a) A service
b) A business
c) A product
d) A need

What is it considered when businesses plan to make money or help the community?
a) It is the goal of the business
b) It is the product or service the business offers
c) It is the profit a business earns
d) It is when a business fulfills a need or a want

What is the word that means to make money?
a) Benefit
b) Monetary Gains
c) Capital Gains
d) Profit

An organization offering products or services for sale that consumers need or want is...
a) A producer
b) A business
c) A consumer
d) A manufacturer

What is a pedicure an example of?
a) A Product
b) A Good
c) A Service
d) An action

What is the word that means you can touch it?
a) Tangible
b) Intangible
c) Durable
d) Immediate

What is another word that means goods?
a) Products
b) Customers
c) Manufacturers
d) Consumer

Who is a consumer?
a) A company that sells products
b) A company that offers a service
c) A manufacturer of products
d) A person who buys products or services

What is a computer an example of?
a) A service
b) A product
c) An action
d) An intangible object

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