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How far something travels in an amount of time
a) distance
b) speed
c) momentum

The speed of an object in a particular direction
a) velocity
b) acceleration
c) distance

To wear down by hard use; old, worn out
a) battered
b) flailing
c) reaction

The rate of change of velocity with respect to time
a) acceleration
b) distance
c) momentum

To stare stupidly
a) gawk
b) glowering
c) inertia

A property of matter by which it remains at rest or in an unchanging position unless acted upon by some external force
a) inertia
b) thrashing
c) force

the characteristic of a moving body that is caused by its mass and motion
a) speed
b) immersing
c) reaction

An influence (as a push or pull) that tends to produce a change in the speed or direction of motion of something
a) force
b) momentum
c) velocity

to move or wave about
a) flailing
b) gawk
c) speed

the working of one thing on another so as to produce a change
a) action
b) battered
c) flailing

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