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What force is required to accelerate a car at a rate of 2m/s^2 if the car has a mass of 3000kg?
a) 600
b) 6000
c) 1500
d) 150

A 10kg bowling ball would require what force to accelerate down an alleyway at a rate of 3m/s^2?
a) 300
b) 3
c) 30
d) 3.33

Sally has a car that accelerates at 5m/s^2. The car has a mass of 1000kg. How much force is produced?
a) 5000N
b) 5000g/m
c) 5000force
d) 5000m/s^2

What is the mass of a falling rock if it produces a force of 147N?
a) 14kg
b) 147kg
c) 1.47kg
d) 14.7kg

What is the mass of a truck if it produces a force of 14,000N while accelerating at 5m/s^2
a) 2800N
b) 2800m/s^2
c) 2800kg
d) 2800meters

What is the acceleration of a softball with a mass of 0.5kg that is thrown with a force of 25N
a) 50m/s
b) 50m/s^2
c) 50 N
d) 5kg

Your car produces a force of 5000N and has a mass of 2000kg. Find acceleration
a) 25 m/s^2
b) 250 m/s^2
c) 2.5 m/s^2
d) 0.25 m/s^2

If you remove 500kg from a 2000kg car that is producing 5000N of force, what is the acceleration?
a) 3.33 m/s
b) 33 m/s^2
c) 33.33 m/s
d) 3.33 m/s^2

You throw a 1kg paper airplane at a constant velocity. What is the force?
a) Not enough information
b) 10N
c) 1/10 N
d) 0

You have a souped up car that can use Nitrous Oxide. It travels with 10000N with only 500kg. Find acceleration
a) 20m/s^2
b) 200m/s
c) 2 N
d) Not enough information

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