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An atom is made of three basic subatomic particles: Protons, neutrons, and electrons. Which of these carry a charge?
a) Protons and neutrons
b) Protons and electrons
c) Neutrons and electrons
d) Protons, neutrons, and electrons

If you could see the electric field coming off a protons you would notice that electric field lines are
a) coming into the proton
b) going out from the proton
c) coming in one pole of the proton and going out the other
d) moving in circles around the proton like waves

A Van de Graaff generator can be used to create a large amount of
a) current
b) static charge
c) electrical resistance
d) mixed positive and negative charges on its surface

Lightning is created when charges flow rapidly from
a) ground to cloud
b) cloud to ground
c) cloud to cloud
d) all of these

A Van de Graaff generator produces large ____________________ but small _____________________.
a) charge, voltage
b) current, voltage
c) voltage, current
d) voltage, charge

An electron can often be removed from an atom because it is
a) negative
b) not attracted to the nucleus of the atom it surrounds
c) affected by friction since the attraction to the nucleus is sometimes not very strong
d) pulled by nearby electrons off an atom if they get too close to the electron

Non moving electrical charges are often called
a) current
b) voltage
c) static electricity
d) electrical field lines

How would you best define moving charges?
a) voltage
b) current
c) electrical field
d) electrical force

Lightning is very dangerous because it-
a) can strike anywhere at anytime.
b) reaches such high voltages before it strikes
c) can send a large number of charges through a person's body
d) comes with loud thunder, high levels of light, and ionizes the air around it

Which scientist is not known for his work with electricity?
a) Edison
b) Franklin
c) Van de Graaff

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