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The circulatory system of mammals has a ___________________ chambered heart.
a) Two
b) Three
c) Four
d) One

Compared to amphibians and reptiles, mammals are
a) ectothermic
b) cold-blooded
c) endothermic
d) temperature adaptive

Mammals are characterized by
a) being warm blooded and having feathers
b) having hair and feathers
c) having mammary glands and hair
d) having hair and shelled eggs

Unlike reptiles young mammals depend on their parents for
a) food
b) protection
c) grooming
d) all of the above

Mammals that give birth to fully developed live young are termed
a) monotremes
b) marsupials
c) placentals
d) bird-like

If an animal has long canine teeth and sharp molars it is probably a
a) carnivore
b) rodent
c) deer
d) herbivore

Mammals are adapted to live in the following environments:
a) land
b) air
c) water
d) all of the above

In mammals the powerful muscle that aids in breathing is the
a) diaphragm
b) kidney
c) cerebrum
d) placenta

How are living mammals classified into groups?
a) types of circulatory systems
b) methods of development
c) method of respiration
d) method of regulating body temperature

Which structure in female mammals produces milk to nourish young?
a) placenta
b) kidney
c) mammary gland
d) cloaca

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