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What is the difference between laying eggs in reptiles and amphibians?
a) Reptiles lay their eggs in water and amphibians lay their eggs on land.
b) Reptiles and amphibians can lay their eggs on land.
c) Reptiles and amphibians can lay their eggs in water.
d) Reptiles lay their eggs on land and amphibians lay their eggs in water.

What kind of eggs do reptiles lay?
a) Small soft eggs
b) They don't lay eggs
c) Large soft eggs
d) Amniotic eggs

What is an amniotic egg?
a) a small soft egg
b) None of the above
c) an egg with an amnion
d) a large soft egg

What does an amnion do?
a) It protects the embryo.
b) It allows the embryo to stay moist on land
c) It protects the embryo from predators
d) It allows for it to stay moist.

What part of the amniotic egg provides food for the embryo?
a) The amniotic membrane
b) The shell
c) The yolk
d) Oxygen

What other chordate are birds most closely related to?
a) amphibians
b) mammals
c) reptiles
d) bony fish

How are birds and reptiles similar?
a) The both have scales and lay eggs.
b) They both have scales and have babies born alive.
c) They both have scales and migrate
d) The both have scales and hibernate.

Where would you find the scales of birds?
a) on their beaks
b) under their feathers
c) on their wings
d) on their feet

What kind of bones do birds have?
a) Hollow
b) Narrow
c) Thin
d) Cartilage

How do both birds and reptiles reproduce?
a) They both lay eggs in the water.
b) The both lay amniotic eggs
c) The both have live babies
d) They don't reproduce (don't you dare pick this one)

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