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The shadow cast by the object is known as the _________.
a) cast shadow
b) body shadow
c) texture shadow
d) my shadow

shows the outline of an object with some details
a) shape
b) texture
c) line
d) contour drawing

art and science of planning and designing buildings
a) architecture
b) linear perspective
c) marketing
d) science fiction

This art is meant to trick the eye
a) op art
b) geometric
c) make believe
d) really odd

This art form is based on patterns of lines
a) texture
b) zentangles
c) mathematical studies
d) artonomy

colors black, white, gray, and brown
a) neutral
b) symmetrical
c) complementary
d) weighted

3 colors side by side on the color wheel are called?
a) balanced
b) analogous
c) complementary
d) monochromatic

What imaginary line separates the sky from the ground
a) eye level line
b) horizon line
c) space
d) color

designs the interior room, adds accessories
a) interior designer
b) Albrecht Durer
c) architecture
d) landscape architect

What do you need to see the six laws of light for shading?
a) objects
b) mixed-media
c) highlight
d) light source

Who was the first to discover color?
a) Sir Frank Stella
b) Sir Isaac Newton
c) Sir Peter Max
d) none of the above

color scheme that uses opposite colors
a) analogous
b) primary
c) complementary
d) secondary

point where objects disappear at the horizon
a) vanishing point
b) center point
c) point of no return

one color plus its values
a) monochromatic
b) analogous
c) radial
d) primary

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