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To prove that negligence has occurred, an injured party must prove that (BLANK) element(s) of negligence have occurred?
a) Only one
b) All four
c) Three
d) Two

Negligence is the basis of most (BLANK) claims.
a) Liability
b) Personal Injury
c) Workers compensation
d) Property

Proximate Cause refers to damage which is:
a) Direct and forseeable
b) Unintended only
c) Intentional only
d) Caused by and \

The correct order of the elements of negligence are:
a) Standard of care, legal duty, proximate cause, actual loss or damages
b) Legal duty, standard of care, actual loss or damages, proximate care
c) Actual loss or damages, proximate cause, legal duty, standard of care
d) Legal duty, standard of care, proximate cause, actual loss or damages

When discussing proximate cause, the action must be 1) the and 2) the cause of the loss.
a) Indirect, forseeable
b) Direct, forseeable
c) Forseeable, intentional
d) Direct, unpredictable

Which of the following could NOT be negligence?
a) Intentional act
b) Careless act
c) Inaction
d) Thoughtless act

The tort of Negligence requires that:
a) The injured party prove three of the four elements to sustain their cause
b) There be medical bills and lost wages.
c) The injury to the third party be caused directly by an act or omission of the defendant.
d) The defendant be insured at the time of the injury to the third party.

In order for an injured party to collect in a third party claim:
a) The insured must be legally liable.
b) The insured must be negligent.
c) The injuries may not be covered by an other insurance.
d) The injured party must be named in the policy declarations.

Which of the following items is NOT one of the four elements of Negligence?
a) Legal duty
b) Subrogation
c) Standard of Care
d) Proximate Cause

Negligence is the failure to use the care that a reasonable, (FILL IN THE BLANK) person would have taken under the same or similar circumstances.
a) Thoughtless
b) Smart
c) Prudent
d) Caring

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