Student Success Part 2 Question Preview (ID: 8675)

Review Test 1.[print questions]

Each of the following is something you should not do at the start of the interview except:
a) Curse
b) Fidget
c) Smile
d) Slouch

What should you never emphasize during a job interview?
a) Weaknesses
b) Interests
c) Work experience
d) Skills

During the interview you should do all of these things with the exception of:
a) Be honest
b) Express a willingness to learn new things
c) Answer questions quickly whether you know the answer or not
d) Answer questions completely and thoroughly.

Each of these is a part of the five part job interview with the exceptions of:
a) Before the interview
b) End of the interview
c) Follow-up
d) After the interview

When you meet the interviewer you should
a) Be confident
b) Smile
c) Shake hands firmly
d) All of the above

Each of these is a reason people are not hired except:
a) being late to the interview
b) Asks no questions
c) limp handshake
d) smiles too much

Which one of these statements is true when it comes to dressing for a job interview?
a) Wear large amounts of cologne/perfume
b) Men should wear a full suit regardless of the situation
c) Wear conservative colors
d) Wear large pieces of jewelry to take attention away from your face

You should arrive:
a) 5-15 minutes early for a job interview
b) 15-30 minutes early
c) Just before the interview begins
d) One hour early for your job interview

Before the interview you should:
a) Do your homework
b) Know where you are going
c) Bring copies of your resume
d) All of the above

This is the first thing you do when you arrrive at your interview?
a) Use the restroom
b) Smoke a cigarette
c) Inform the secretary that you have an interview
d) Ask to speak with the person interviewing you

Your job qualifications are the most important factor in deciding whether or not you get a job.
a) True
b) False

If you are offered the job you should NEVER ask about salary and benefits.
a) True
b) False

During the end of the interview you should:
a) Thank the interviewer
b) ask how long it will be before you are contacted
c) ask your job related questions
d) All of the above

You should send the interviewer a thanks you letter shortly after the interview
a) True
b) False

If you were treated unfairly by a past boss or co-worker you should definitely tell the interviewer about your experience in detail
a) True
b) False

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