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People work for which of the following reasons?
a) Get Rich
b) Survival
c) Boredom
d) Socialize

Your Resume should be limited to how many pages?
a) 4
b) 3
c) 10
d) 1

The first paragraph of a cover letter should tell the reader:
a) How much money you want
b) What your weaknesses are
c) Why you are writing
d) How you will follow up

When you meet the interviewer you should:
a) Be confident
b) Smile
c) Shake hands firmly
d) All of the above

Each of these is a reason people ARE NOT hired with the exception of:
a) Late to the interview
b) Asks no questions
c) Limp handshake
d) Smiles too much

The usual length of a mortgage is:
a) 15 years or 180 months
b) Whatever the home owner chooses
c) 30 years or 360 months
d) 10 years or 120 months

A loan to buy a home that is guaranteed by the property
a) Principal
b) Mortgage
c) Loan term
d) Savings

Each of these is a part of the 5-part interview except:
a) Before the interview
b) End of the interview
c) Follow-up
d) After the interview

Each of these is something you should NOT do at the start of an interview except:
a) Curse
b) Fidget
c) Smile
d) Slouch

The cost of using money provided by a loan
a) Principal
b) Savings
c) Expense
d) Interest Rate

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