Magnetism Quiz Review (Part 1) Question Preview (ID: 8667)

These Questions Will Help You Get Ready For Wednesday\'s Quiz On Magnetism.[print questions]

Which one of the following is not a property of magnets?
a) All magnets have two poles.
b) All magnets are surrounded by a magnetic field.
c) All magnets have two poles.
d) All magnets have the same magnetic force.

What would happen if you dipped a bar magnet into a box of paper clips?
a) Paper clips would gather at the center of the magnet.
b) Paper clips would not gather at all around the magnet.
c) Paper clips would equally gather throughout the magnet.
d) Paper clips would gather at the ends of the magnet.

Which of the following is not a magnetic pole?
a) North Pole
b) North Pole
c) East Pole
d) South Pole

How are magnets like the law of electric charges?
a) Magnets contain NaCl.
b) Magnets have both opposite and like ends repel.
c) Magnets have opposite ends repel and like ends attract.
d) Magnets have opposite ends attract and like ends repel.

Which of the following is non-magnetic?
a) Paper Clips
b) Refridgerator
c) Aluminum Foil
d) Iron Nail

Iron, Nickel, and Cobalt are examples of elements with atoms arranged in tiny areas called:
a) remains
b) domains
c) mains
d) periodic tables

Ferromagnets contain all of the following except:
a) Iron
b) Gold
c) Nickel
d) Cobalt

Electromagnets are
a) Magnets that have iron.
b) Magnets that are created using an electric current.
c) Magnets that have nickel.
d) Magnets that have cobalt.

The Earth acts as if a ____________ runs through its' center.
a) bar magnet
b) electromagnet
c) temporary magnet
d) ferromagnet

What materials are found in the Earth's core which help explain its' magnetic properties?
a) refridgerator magnets
b) iron and nickel
c) gold and silver
d) none of the above

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