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Which statement is true?
a) Only plant cells have vacuoles
b) Only animal cells have mitochondria
c) Animal cells have no cell wall or chloroplasts
d) Bacteria cells have no DNA

The powerhouse of the cell is:
a) Chloroplast
b) Nucleus
c) Mitochondria
d) Lysosome

Ribosomes make:
a) DNA
b) Proteins
c) Energy
d) Food

Where is DNA found in the cell?
a) Nucleus
b) Endoplasmic reticulum
c) Lysosome
d) Chloroplast

Where can you find specialized cells that perform specific jobs?
a) Single-celled organisms
b) Plants
c) Animals
d) Multicellular organisms

Cells are the basic unit of living things. True or False
a) True
b) False

The Golgi Body is the _____________ of the cell
a) Power Plant
b) Warehouse
c) Post Office
d) Library

A tiny structure that carries out a specific function within a cell is a:
a) Organelle
b) Cytoplasm
c) DNA
d) Vacuole

The organelle that controls what substance goes in and out of a cell is:
a) Nucleus
b) Chloroplast
c) Cell Membrane
d) DNA

Which organelle captures sunlight to make food
a) Cytoplasm
b) Organelle
c) Vacuole
d) Chloroplast

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