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Which is the correct order of organization for chordates?
a) Eukarya, Animalia, Chordata
b) Archaea, Chordates, Animalia
c) Archaea, Arthropoda, Animalia
d) Eukarya, Arthropoda, Animalia

What do chordates have that makes them different?
a) NO body cavities
b) Nothing makes them different
c) NO organs
d) A notochord

What is a lamprey an example of?
a) A bony fish
b) A worm
c) A cartilaginous fish
d) A jawless fish

What relationship does a lamprey attaches to another fish have with that fish?
a) mutualism
b) parasitism
c) competition
d) no relationship

Where will you find the bones in a cartilaginous fish?
a) in the fins
b) there are no bones
c) in the jaw
d) in the body of the fish

What is the difference between a bony fish and a cartilaginous fish?
a) The bony fish and cartilaginous fish both have bones through their bodies
b) The bony fish and the cartilaginous fish only have bones in the jaw
c) The bony fish only jaw bones, and the cartilaginous fish has only body bones
d) The bony fish has bones and the cartilaginous fish has only cartilage through their bodies

Why do amphibians live near the water?
a) to be near a food source
b) to lay their eggs
c) to have water for drinking only
d) to be close to flora for protection

Why do amphibians lay their eggs in the water?
a) The eggs are large and hard and they want to have them close
b) The eggs are small and they want to protect them
c) The eggs are small and hard and they to store them in water
d) The eggs are small and soft and can dry out

The amphibian also develops a ________________________________ system and a three chambered heart.
a) nervous
b) skeletal
c) circulatory
d) digestive

What is a possible cause of the decline in amphibians on the planet?
a) pollution
b) predators
c) lack of water
d) loss of land

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