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What is the liver an example of?
a) A cell
b) An organ system
c) An organ
d) A tissue

Multicellular organisms have many cells. What is the one other characteristic they must have before they can be called multicellular?
a) The cells must be small.
b) The cells must be specialized.
c) They must be heterotrophs.
d) They must be autotrophs.

A heterotroph is an organism that
a) is a carnivore
b) gets food from outside itself
c) eats only other species
d) makes its own food

Why is an amoeba not an animal?
a) It is asexual
b) It is autotrophic
c) It is prokaryotic
d) It is unicellular

What are collections of similar cells called?
a) clones
b) organisms
c) organs
d) tissues

Which of these sets of physical characteristics is used to classify animal groups?
a) Body size
b) method of reproduction
c) Body cavity type
d) Number of legs

An animal without a body cavity is called
a) atypical
b) asymmetrical
c) acoelomic
d) acentric

How many embryonic and adult tissue layers are found in jellyfish, hydras, and sea anemones?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Which animal contains one body opening that serves as both mouth and anus?
a) cow
b) human
c) sponge
d) flatworm

Looking at a standing human, what is the line that demonstrates the body's bilateral symmetry?
a) facing the side and drawing a line up and down the center of the body
b) facing the front and drawing a line up and down the center of the body
c) facing the front and drawing a line side to side across the middle of the body
d) facing the top of the head and drawing a line across the head touching each ear

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