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Element T has 7 protons. Element Q has 15 protons. Element X has 12 protons. Element Z has 17 protons. According to the periodic table, which of the elements is metal?
a) Element T
b) Element Z
c) Element X
d) Element Q

What is the total number of electrons in an atom with an atomic number of 13 and a mass number of 25
a) 12
b) 13
c) 25
d) 38

Scientist believe that interactions between atoms depend mostly on the arrangement of the valance electrons. This theory is MOST supported by the observation of similar reactions
a) with a similar atomic mass
b) with a similar atomic number
c) in a period of the periodic table
d) in a group or family of the periodic table

Which of the following best describes a change in iron caused by a chemical reaction?
a) an iron nail looks shiny and silvery
b) an iron nail robbed with a magnet attracts iron powder
c) an iron wire left outside turns a rusty color
d) an iron wire attached to a battery becomes hot

Which of the following lists the properties of metals
a) shiny luster, good conductors, malleable
b) dull, poor conductors, not malleable
c) shiny luster, poor conductors, malleable
d) shiny luster, good conductors, not malleable

Na2+H2SO4-> Na2SO4+ H2 Which of the following lists all of the reactants of the equation shown above?
a) H2O4 and Na2SO4
b) Na2O2 and Na2SO4
c) Na2 and H2SO4
d) Na2SO4 and H2

How many total atoms are in a molecule of iron oxide, Fe2O3?
a) 1 atom
b) 3 atoms
c) 5 atoms
d) 6 atoms

How many different elements are in Mg(OH)2?
a) 2 elements
b) 3 elements
c) 4 elements
d) 5 elements

What is the charge of a neutron and where is it located within an atom?
a) Negative; in the nucleus
b) Positive; in the nucleus
c) Neutral; in the electron cloud
d) Neutral; in the nucleus

According to the periodic table, all of the following are nonmetals except---
a) Fluorine
b) Oxygen
c) Nitrogen
d) Sodium

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