6.LS.2 Food Chains Question Preview (ID: 8658)

Relationships And Food Chains Food Webs.[print questions]

What is the beginning of every food chain?
a) plants
b) energy
c) sun
d) producers

What is the last step of every food chain?
a) producers
b) decomposers
c) carnivores
d) predators

What is an animial that catches and eats another animal call?
a) prey
b) herbivore
c) producer
d) predator

When is food a limiting factor?
a) when a population is large
b) when there's too much food
c) when there's too much water
d) when a population is small

Animals that eat a variety of meats , fruits and vegetables are....
a) producers
b) carnivores
c) omnivores
d) herbivores

Herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores are all....
a) decomposers
b) producers
c) predators
d) consumers

Two members of the same species fight over who gets food. Members of different species try to take over a certain nesting area. These are both examples of...
a) community
b) competition
c) mutualism
d) commensalism

In which type of symbiosis do organisms help each other?
a) parasitism
b) mutualism
c) community
d) commensalism

Limiting factors determine an area's carrying capacity because....
a) the number of animals is limited
b) ecosystems are small
c) animals need resources to survive
d) the number of animals is unlimited

The sun's energy comes from what source?
a) burning fuel
b) nuclear fission reactions
c) a camp fire
d) nuclear fusion reactions

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