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Bill Of Rights 2.[print questions]

The free exercise clause gives people the right to _________
a) Assemble and express their views on public matters
b) Exercise anywhere they choose
c) Believe in whatever they choose to believe in matters of religion
d) Hold meetings and parades on public streets without permits

To have a fair trial, a person is guaranteed all of the following EXCEPT
a) Trial within a reasonable time
b) Media coverage if demanded
c) Adequate defense
d) Trial by jury

Which of the following statements about the 4th amendment
a) It prohibits all arrest made without a warrant
b) It has had little importance in history
c) It applies only to the states
d) It forbids unreasonable searches and seizures

Seditious speech is speech that urges others to
a) support the party out of power
b) overthrow the government
c) vote against the government
d) disagree with the government in public

The guarantee against double jeopardy protects a person from being tried
a) for a crime the person did not commit
b) for a federal crime in a state court
c) twice for the same crime
d) for more than one crime committed at any one time.

The main purpose of the exclusionary rule is to
a) to prevent people who are clearly guilty from going free
b) deter police misconduct
c) allow certain kinds of tainted evidence to be used in court
d) allow for honest mistakes by police officers

almost without exception, the government cannot apply _____ to spoken or written words.
a) editing
b) the sedition act of 1917
c) shield laws
d) prior restraint

The supreme court has rulled ______ to be cruel and unusual punishment
a) use of electric chair as a form of execution
b) placing two inmates in a cell built for one
c) denying inmates medical treatment
d) use of the firing squad as a form of execution

Demonstrators can be arrested for all of the following EXCEPT
a) the demonstration causes violence, but the demonstrators themselves remain peaceful.
b) disrupting school activities
c) attempting to influence court proceedings
d) violating a court imposed buffer zone around an abortion clinic

Under the 2nd amendment
a) the states cannot limit a persons right to own a gun
b) each state can form a militia
c) no citizen can own a gun
d) there is no limitation on the free flow of guns within the U.S.

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