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What is the blood type of a person whose plasma contains only anti-B clumping proteins?
a) type A
b) type B
c) type AB
d) type O

Atherosclerosis is a condition in which
a) veins experience a buildup of fatty material
b) muscles in capillary walls lose their ability to contract
c) capillaries widen and release too much fluid
d) artery walls thicken as the results of a buildup of fatty material

What eventually happens to fluid that leaks from capillaries into the surrounding tissues?
a) it undergoes chemical reactions and becomes fatty tissue
b) it replaces dead body cells
c) it returns to the blood through the lymphatic system
d) it replaces dead red blood cells

What is the function of lymph nodes?
a) to trap disease-causing bacteria
b) to make new lymph
c) to transfer oxygen
d) to return lymph to the bloodstream

Exercise is important for cardiovascular health because it
a) increases blood pressur
b) strengthens heart muscle
c) slows the heart beat
d) reduces sodium in the blood

Lymph nodes may __________ when they are helping the body fight an infection.
a) decrease
b) enlarge
c) disappear
d) get flat

The cardiovascluar system consist of
a) heart and blood
b) heart and lymph
c) heart, blood, and blood vessels
d) only the heart

Blood flows from the heart to the body through
a) arteries
b) veins
c) capillaries
d) aorta

As blood moves away from the heart, blood pressure
a) decreases
b) stays the same
c) increases

The risk of a heart attack is ___________ for people who smoke.
a) lower
b) higher

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